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The programmes undertaken by cultural centres for the benefits of the people in the area National Programmes
    National Independent Day Programmes
    Sinhala-Hindu New Year Programmes (Visiting relatives and Oil anointing)
    ‘’Sith Pahan Wewa’’ – Vesak Bathi Gee   National literal festival
    ‘’Senehasa” entertainment programme   World Childrens’ Day
    ‘’Kethaka Varuana” programme   ‘’Yavuanodaya’’ programme
    Eastern revival programme   Cultural camps
    National sports festival   Drug control programmes
    ‘’Pradeepaloka’’ meditation programme    
  Regional programmes    
    Folk poetic programme   Literal festival
    Cultural pageants   Milk boiling festival
    New year festival   Drama and street drama pageants
    Pedura sadaya   Different state cultural festivals/ Art festivals
    Cultural processions   Skills competitions (Prathiba)
    Entertainment of songs   Shanthikarma (White magic)
    Gunguru mangallaya   Kolam, Sokery and folk dramas
    Wariga mangallaya (Tribal festival)   Harvesting festival
    Cultural evening   Bride shows
    Aluth Sahal Mangallaya (Fresh rice)    
  Regional religious programmes (Vesak and Poson)    
    Meditation   Observing sil
    Preaching of dhamma   Pirith chanting
    Dan Sal (Free food)   Vesak lantern competitions
    Bhakthi geetha   Nethra Pratistapana mangallaya
    Poetic dhamma preaching (Kavi Bana)   Blessing programmes (Ashirvadha pooja)
    Begging alm programmes (Pindapatha)   Processions
    Pandels   Bodhi pooja
  Regional special programmes    
    Blood donations   Nutrition workshops
    Special day celebrations   Teacher Commemoration Days
    Children’s Days   Upahara festivals
    Drug control programmes/ Anti-drug programmes   Adult helping programmes
    Various kinds of workshops and lecture programmes   Relief programmes for public
    Pre Schools   Night camps
    Handicraft exhibitions   Tree planting programmes
    Shramadana campaigns (Free labour)   Shilpa sammadama
    Singithipola   Get together of pensioners
    Drawing of lotteries    
  Regional health programmes    
    Ayurveda clinics  
    Eye clinics
    Mental clinics


  • By December 31, 2015, 177 Cultural Centers have been established on divisional secretariat basis all over the country.
  • The number of students trained at Cultural Centres in 2015 - 45,917

Library Service

Establish libraries at cultural centres with a view to improving the reading habits and literal appreciation of the people who reside close to cultural centres and students who follow the courses at centres.

  • Readership of libraries set up at Cultural Centres 2015 – 48,652

    (including the readers of mobile libraries)

Mobile Library Service

Provide opportunities of reading books to the people who do not have easy access to cultural centres.

  • The number of cultural centres which operate mobile library service by 2015 amounts to 24 and the readership amounts to 2168.



Relevant Officers

  Name Designations Sector Telephone Fax E-mail
Mr. A. Senanayake Addl.Secretary Promotion +94 11 2872020alt +94 11 2879088alt  
Mrs. D.M. Buddika Dissanayake Assistant Secretary Promotion +94 11 2877134   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mr.Dilum Dayarathna Assistant Secretary Promotion +94 11 3047786    
Development Division

Programmes implemented throughout the year

  • Naming the year
  • Commemorating the Independence Day and participating the Deyata Kirula Exhibition.
  • Conducting special programmes for pregnant mothers. (Senehasa)
  • Conducting ‘’Yauvanodaya’’ programme.
  • Dawning of New Year/ Visit Relatives.
  • Vesak Programme. (Sith Pahan Wewa)
  • Sadaham Asapuwa (Poson Programme)
  • Sathi Programme focused on adults.
  • Cultural Camp.
  • World Children Day Programme.
  • Inter – public servant competition on creations.
  • Christmas Carol.
  • Inter – centre competition on music/ dancing/ drama.
  • Aid programme for publications.
  • Negenahira Navodaya Programme.
  • Tourism promotion.
  • Sending dancing ensembles abroad.
  • New projects/ Revision of projects.
  • Conducting National Literal Festival.
  • Supervision of activities at district level.
  • Rehearsal for foreign dancing ensembles.

Programmes implemented monthly

January Declaration of the year
February Independent Day Programmes
March Senehasa Programme
April Youth Camp and Sinhala/ New Year Festival
May Vesak Programme (Sith Pahan Wewa)
June Poson Programme (Sadaham Arana)
January to June Training programme for resource persons
July Special programmes focused on adults. (Sathi Programme)
August Competition on music/ dancing/ drama
September (First Week) National Literal Festival
September (Third Week) Inter – public servant competition on creations
October World Children Day Programme/ Prize giving ceremony of the Inter – public servant competition on creations
December Christmas Carol Programme

Other Programmes implemented throughout the year

  • Yauvanodaya programme – Two programmes per month on quarterly basis. The venu will be decided on schools that requests are made.
  • Cultural events for foreigners (At cultural centre level under the patronage of the Ministry, on fortnight basis)
  • Aid programme for publications.
  • Negenahira Navodaya based on Mahinda Chinthana.
  • Establishing new Cultural Centres – Gampaha, Kalutara, Galle, Matara, Ratnapura, Monaragala, Puttalam, Kurunegala, Anuradhapaura and Ampara.
  • National Heritage Conservation Promotion Project – Island wide programme based on Eastern Province.
  • Foreign tours for dancing groups, organized at centre level.

National programs which received Ministry’s contribution and Special programs organized by the Ministry

Date Program and Venue

Contribution/ Participation of Ministry

2015.02.04 National Independence Day Ceremony – Cultural Pageant – Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte Ten Dancing Troupes each comprises of 52 artistes were contributed to the pageant. Artistes of the Cultural Centres who were the winners of ‘Prathibha’ festival participated for it.  
2015.03.02 Commemoration program of Ven. Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero  -  Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Pirivena Number of 50 dancing artistes were participated to welcome the HE the President and for the performance of pageant
2015.30.10 World Women's Day celebration - BMICH A troupe consists  of 20 Ves dancers was participated  

Welcome ceremony for Indian Prime Minister to visit Sri Lanka-Katunayake Airport

Number of 300 dancing artistes and drum accompanists were participated
2015.03.24 Welcome ceremony for Emir of Qatar Arrived in Sri Lanka – Galle Face ground Number of 300 dancing artistes and drum accompanists were participated

‘Senehasa’ national Program- Mutthumari Amman Kovil in Mathale 

‘Senehasa’ Programwas held by Divisional Cultural Centres basis

Number of 1300 expected mothers together with 250 fathers participated. A music entertainment program comprises lullabies, dancing items and Riddi Yaga pooja was held. Every mother was offered a gift with a baby umbrella, a chintz cloth, napkins, fruit basket and a lunch packet.
2015.03.23 ‘Senehasa’ Programat the auditorium of State Ministry of Cultural Affairs Number of 100 expected mothers from Public Sector was participated and the above program was held as same.
2015.04.05 New Year Festival held as a joint venture with the Ministry and Swarnawahini media institution –Matale Number of 200 artistes were participated
2015.04.07 Presentation of New Year Auspicious Times traditional Documents (Nekath Seettuwa) to His Excellency the President and island wide distribution.  The New Year Auspicious Times traditional Documents were handed over to His Excellency the Presidentat his official residence. The distribution was carried out across the country over.  The 155,000 of New Year auspicious timetables were distributed island wide by the Divisional Secretariats.
2015.04.10 Welcome ceremony for the Prime Minister of Bhutan – In front of the Presidential Secretariat Number of 300 dancing artistes and drum accompanists were participated

New Year Festival Shanthalokagama,Kaduwela

The festival comprises of traditional customs such as Negam Yama and folk games like Olinda Keliya, Pancha Keliya, Draughts, Amba Eta Penima, Pora Pol Gesima, Raban Play, Traditional Merry-Go-Round (Kathuru Onchilla)as well as folk dances.   The Ministry Staff, staff of the Department of Cultural Affairs, staff of the Cultural Centres and students were participated to the festival. 
2015.05.02 Exhibition of sacred relics of Buddha in Denipitiya Gangathilaka temple  Number of 50 Hevisi Drummers was participated. 
2015.05.03 National Vesak FestivalMahiyanganaya Artistes of the Cultural Centre Dancing  pool presented ‘Vessanthara’ ballet


 “Buddha Rashmi” Vesak zone- Gangarama Temple The Shows were staged with the participation of number of 16 dancing troupes and 16 Buddhist choir groups of 8 Cultural Centres including State Dance Group from 7.30 pm to 1.30am


State Poson Festival – Matale Alu Viharaya

Exhibition of sacred relics of Buddha and remains of king Dutugemunu, Poson Pandals, Buddhist choirs competitions, Vesak lantern competitions and exhibitions, puppet shows, cinemas, Traditional rituals, pageants, Alms gathering visits, Buddhist choirs and dancing shows. 
2015.06.02 Rupavahini Poson zone in Thanthirimale A ballet was presented by the artistes of Cultural Centre Dancing Pool
2015.06.02 Thissamaharamaya Number of 10 dancing troupes were participated for the pageant of Thissamaharamaya
2015.06.06 ‘Dorakada Asna’ pageantof Korathota Rajamaha Viharaya Number of 100 dancers and drummers were participated.
2015.06.20 Pageant of Poorwaramaya in Moragahahena A group of 24 Ves dancing artistes were participated 
2015.10.21 Siththamgallena Number of 05 dancing groups were participated for the Pageant of Siththamgallenatemple
2015.11.18 Kasagala Rajamaha Viharaya Number of 08 dancing groups were participated for the Pageant of ancient Kasagala Rajamaha Viharaya
2015.11.29 Sri Sumangala Collage - Wariyapola Awards were awarded for 30 artistes in North Western Province and conferred with ‘Deshamanaya award’ in line with the “Jathika Sahithya Kala Prasadini” Festival
2015.12.30 Ministry Christmas Celebrations Festival


Organizing competitions on Prathibha dancing (Prathibha Narthana)


  • Promote appreciation of the subject of music.
  • Promote creative skills of teachers and students.
  • Provide opportunities to have experiences on collective participation.
  • Provide opportunities to bring the folk musical lyrics inherited by different regions/ areas to the international plane.
  • Identify and hoard the differences of cultural items which are unique to different community groups dispersed in the country.
  • Preserve and promote the traditional folk music for next generation.
  • Encourage resource persons to grow in the field of music as veterans in creation.
  • Develop determinants in relation to assessment of cultural centres.
  • Encourage cultural centres to be efficient.
Eligibility Only for the children who registerd in the cultural centres, come under the purview of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the Arts.
The process of applying Should be applied before the deadline as per the circular.
The places where the application forms are available. The Promotion Sector of the Ministry.
Fees for application forms At free of charge
The time to be forwarded Before the deadline as per the circular
Fees for obtaining the service At free of charge
Time for obtaining the service -
Supportive documents The application should contain the recommendation of the Cultural Promotion Officer of the relevant cultural centre with regard to registration at the centre.


“Prathibha” Certificates  and Awards Ceremony


‘Prathibha’ is being conducted annually with the objective of giving opportunity to students who master the arts of music, dancing and theatre at 172 cultural centres to prove their improvement, developing aesthetic characteristics along with personal qualities and conserving local cultural features. The cultural centre which presents troupes with high skill in every aspect receives championship and runner – up awards. Accordingly, Nupe Cultural Centre in Matara bagged the Championship Award in 2015, and the Weligama Cultural Centre claimed the Runner-up Award.

Inter – public servants competition on creations



This ‘Inter – public servants competition on creations’ has been conducting since 2002 with the prime objective of improving creative skills inherited by public employees. The competition is carried out in Sinhala and Tamil media under the categories of short stories, children’s stories, song writing, versification, short plays, translation of short-stories and arts. It is conducted at divisional, district and national levels and the certificates and cash prizes are presented to winners. At the end, a book titled ‘Prabhashwara’ is compiled from all the winning creations. 


Creations Furnished for the Inter – public servants competition on creations - 2015

Category Sinhala Tamil
Short stories 203 71
Lyrics 377 68
Arts 61 12
Verses 521 128
Children’s Creations 60 20
Stage Plays 60 17
Total 1282 316


Entertainment programs

With the objective of promoting aesthetic appreciative skills of school children and the youth and thereby moulding a society of sensitive persons, this program is held in selected schools and at institutions on request. The workshop is steered by a resource person with experience in Aesthetic Subjects or Literature.

Entertainment programs

Programs Conducted in  2015

  Date Venue
01 2015.02.13 University of Kelaniya
02 2015.03.08 Bamunakotuwa Cultural Centre
03 2015.03.10 Auditorium of the State Ministry of Cultural Affairs 
04 2015.03.12 Vilgamuwa  Cultural Centre
05 2015.03.14 Vilgamuwa  Cultural Centre (Drama workshop)
06 2015.03.20 Pallepola  Cultural Centre
07 2015.03.21 Pallepola  Cultural Centre (Drama and Theatre Workshop)
08 2015.03.27 Ambangaga KoraleCultural Centre
09 2015.03.28 Ambangaga KoraleCultural Centre (Drama and Theatre Workshop)
10 2015.05.08 NaulaCultural Centre
11 2015.05.09 NaulaCultural Centre (Drama and Theatre Workshop)
12 2015.07.12 PadukkaCultural Centre
13 2015.09.17 Divisional Secretariat of Galigamuwa
14 2015.09.18 Divisional Secretariatin Uva Province
2015.09.22 Weera Parakrama Vidyalaya in Yatawatta and Divisional Secretariat of Yatawatta
15 2015.09.29 Divisional Secretariat of Hatharaliyadda

The general public, the youth in particular, largely attended in these programs.

  Implementation of Program for the Conservation of Intangible Heritage

Progress 2015


Preparing of an inventory on Intangible Heritage relevant to the Galle District


Collecting of Data relating to the Intangible Heritage spread in 19 DS Divisions in Galle District and inventorying were carried out. Cultural Promotion Officers of Cultural Centres in Galle District and Cultural Promotion Officers who attached to the Divisional Secretariats contributed to collect data.  Inventory of Intangible Heritage in Galle District have been added to the internet through the Ministry web (

Foreign Division

Foreign Cultural Exchange Program-2015

Completed Cultural Exchange programs

Foreign Cultural Tours    

Program and Country Date / Period Participants

Surajkund International Crafts Mela

Haryana - India

31st of January  to 14th February 2015

02 officials

04 artistes of State Dance Group -

09 artistes of Cultural Centres


The UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture


04th to 6th February 2015 

Hon. Minister and the

Private Secretary to the Minister


SAARC Cultural Festival on Folk Dance


8th to 11th April 2015 

01 officer

06 Cultural Centre artistes


37th International Turkish Radio and Television Corporation Children’s Festival

Antalya, Turkey

13th to 26th April 2015 

02 officials

13 artistes


The International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts


18th to 26th April 2015

02 officials

11 artistes of State Dance Group


The 60th Anniversary Conference Summit of  Bandung 


20th to 28th April 2015

02 officials

09 Cultural Centre artistes


Representation of Kolkata International Theatre festival (Payanihal)


07th June2015

Mr. Parakkrama Niriella and 09 members of the Drama Association

Seminar for Directors of Festivals from Developing Countries


26th June to 15th July 2015

04 officers

Museum Management Workshop for non-profitable organizations


07th to 17th  June 2015

03 officers
10. Cultural Partnership Initiative Program 2015, Andong,Korea 1st  July to  31st  October 2015 01artiste
11. SAARC Artists Camp and Exhibition of Paintings Themes: Historical Sites. Bamyan, Afghanistan 22nd to 27th  August 2015 04 artistes representing the Arts Council
12. The 6th Beijing International Art Binnale,China 2015 23rd  to 27th September 2015 An artist representing the Arts Council
13. SAARC Sufi Festival-Jaipur, India in the Pink City 10 th,11th and 12 th October 2015 04  officials

2015 Seminar on Public Administration for Civil Servants in Asian Countries


19 th October to 8 th November 2015 05  officials
15. Third International Miniature Art Exhibition   Dhaka 30 th November 2015 01officer

3rd Asia Cultural Forum


8th to 11th  November 2015 02  officials

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