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Foreign Relation Division


Promotion and propagation of Sri Lankan Culture in other counties

Main Activities

  • Exchanging cultural troupes with foreign countries.
  • Exchanging cultural troupes for educational tours.
  • Inviting experts in the field of tangible and intangible culture from abroad.
  • Holding cultural exhibitions in foreign countries.
  • Participating in international cultural exhibition.
  • Organizing international cultural exhibitions and seminars in Sri Lanka
  • Facilitating participation of officers and members of Sri Lanka embassies in courses of study, seminars, workshops held in foreign countries.
  • Conservation and preservation of archaeological places of cultural significance and upholding cultural values while promoting Sri Lankan cultural values with the contribution of international agencies such as UNESCO, SAARC, ICOMOS, ICCROMN, BIMSTEC.
  • Directing foreign funded projects.
  • Signing agreements with other countries updating such documents and implementing them under stage wise programmes.
  • Presenting Sri Lankans for international cultural competition and maintaining coordination.
  • Taking necessary measures to get down Sri Lankan antiques of immense archaeological importance held in foreign countries.

                                     Foreign Cultural Exchange Program-2015

  • Bi - lateral Agreements Signed

Number of Memoranda of Understanding signed by 31 December 2015                               - 58

Number of Memoranda of Understanding in operation by 31 December 2015   - 30

Number of Memoranda of Understanding to be signed In future                                              - 10


  • Memoranda of Understanding signed in 2015  
Name Date Participation
1 Program of Cultural Co-Operation between Sri Lanka & India for year 2015 - 2018 Signed on 16 February 2015 Between the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and The government of the Republic of India
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