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To conserve the nation’s glorious cultural heritage and to be the pioneer in developing the North Western Province while establishing the identity of Sri Lankan citizens locally and overseas.



To establish the identity of Sri Lankan citizens within the country, strengthen border management by way of regulating immigrants and emigrants consolidating national defence and economic growth, formulate and implement policies and programmes required for preservation, promotion and propagation of cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and establish a sustainable socio-economic development in the North-Western Province.



  • Formulate and implement policies for the establishment of cultural identity and diversity by steering the island wide network of divisional cultural centers.
  • Steering the migration management process while ensuring Sri Lankan identity and national defence in keepng with the international norms and standards.
  •  Compile a National Register of Persons by registering Sri Lankan citizens and issue National Identity Cards to persons who are  eligible to establish their identity.
  • Provide a  comprehensive museum service to the country for the sake of appreciation, education and entertainment of general public by scientific and systematic conservation of resources belonging to the culture and the natural heritage.
  • Formulate and implement programs for the conservation, promotion and propagation of literary, arts and cultural elements that project the identity of Sri Lanka.
  • Initiate an accelerated socio-economic development in the North Western Province and to involve in settling problems that are unique to the people therein.





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